Welcome to ClipSys®

What is ClipSys

ClipSys is a computer system for efficient management of large amounts of news clips.
ClipSys gives your organisation's key personnel an early morning overview of the relevant daily news.

Using ClipSys you can:
· Read the daily news clips
· Read the weekly news clips
· Find earlier news articles, especially when you need it quickly
· Seek in all news clips (free text and/or other criteria, e.g. date interval)
· Enter new news clips
· Edit news clips
· Assign different user roles (e.g. user/librarian/editor)
· Find the original article in the archive

What can ClipSys do

ClipSys can make the news flow more efficient in all companies and organisations with daily news clip circulations.
ClipSys is especially beneficiary for large companies and organisations with a lot of press contact.
ClipSys can highten the company/organisation's knowledge about news articles substantially.

ClipSys is used a.o. by The Ministry of Labour in Denmark, see Red/Green lamp, indicating if today's clips are readyDagens resuméer (Danish).

Former Minister of Labour Ove Hygum says:
I am using ClipSys every morning -- also when I am out of the country.

Contact Broerup Engineering

Broerup Engineering
Meteorvej 61
DK-2730 Herlev
Tel +45 44 92 82 12
Fax:  +45 44 92 82 00
Web:  www.broerup.com
Email:  info@broerup.com

Technical information

ClipSys is installed on the company's existing web server or intranet server.
Users access ClipSys via their web browser. No user software installation is required.
ClipSys is available for Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Linux.
ClipSys does not have high hardware requirements.
ClipSys does not require installation of database software, as an optimised text search database engine is built into ClipSys.

Made in Denmark

ClipSys (in Denmark also known as KlipSys) is a 100% Danish product, developed by Broerup Engineering.
ClipSys® is a registered trade mark belonging to Broerup Engineering.